Our ability to deliver and coordinate a comprehensive scope of hospital-based services creates benefits for hospitals, clinicians, patients and payors.

We take charge so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

Are you constantly juggling priorities? Are there areas of responsibility you wish you could devote more time? Do you feel like you spend more time putting out fires and less time planning for the future? We can help.

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A partnership with Mednax brings the resources of our national organization to your local community, delivering:

  • A dedicated clinical team with local leadership
  • Cross-specialty collaboration capabilities
  • Administrative and operational support
  • Recruitment and management of clinicians
  • Oversight of continuing education, certification and credentialing requirements
  • Health information technology and data management capabilities and support

Happy patients. Happy clinicians. Happy YOU.

Our unique clinical model allows clinicians to do what they do best:

Take great care of the patient, every day and in every way.TM

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Our culture of cross-specialty collaboration and diverse research and quality improvement resources provide clinicians with the tools they need to provide high-quality, patient-centered care.

Provide consistent, quality-driven care.

Our clinical infrastructure allows clinicians to pursue research, education and quality improvement initiatives on a national scale, benefiting your hospital and your patients at the local level.

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With support from our Center for Research, Education, Quality and Safety, our hospital partners experience:

  • Consistent, quality-driven care
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Reduction of long-term health care costs
  • Attraction and retention of high-quality clinicians
  • Improved clinical operations
  • Enhanced practice collaboration

Achieve clinical and financial goals.

Our experience as a health solutions partner, coupled with our esteemed leadership teams, provides the knowledge and experience your hospital needs to balance cost containment and quality care issues.

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Your hospital will benefit from our expertise in the development of both single service and integrated solutions, and our abilities to:

  • Maintain and strengthen relationships with the referral community
  • Identify areas for growth or improvement
  • Collaborate with hospitals to develop marketing outreach programs and related tools
  • Impact care and outcomes in surrounding communities through education and knowledge sharing

Empowered clinicians foster growth and improvement.

Our clinicians are well prepared to cultivate relationships with your local referring physician community and collaborate with your hospital’s administrative teams.

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Our clinicians are well prepared to cultivate relationships with your local referring physician community and collaborate with your hospital’s administrative teams. We provide assistance with:

  • Quality metrics and patient satisfaction initiatives
  • Strategic planning
  • Development and implementation of unit-specific hospital policies and procedures
  • Unit planning and equipment selection
  • Development of transport programs
  • Regulatory compliance and surveys
  • Utilization review

Gain an advocate for you and your patients.

With Mednax, you gain an advocate in the ever-changing world of health care reform.

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Our dedicated Government Relations team collaborates with your facilities’ administrative teams, local physician groups and professional societies to ensure your patients’ access to care for clinical services is not threatened. Our advocacy teams work at local and national levels to:

  • Protect Medicaid funding
  • Participate in various advocacy coalitions
  • Achieve common public policy goals

Mednax delivers intuitive, customized solutions to meet your facility’s needs.

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