Pediatrix Medical Group, a Mednax company, is the nation’s largest group of pediatric specialists, providing a comprehensive scope of pediatric solutions. Through our hospital-based and clinic programs, we offer a partnership between community-based physicians and hospitals to guarantee children have access to the highest level of care.

Our pediatric specialists are uniquely positioned to collaborate and communicate across practices and specialties and work collaboratively with primary care providers and other specialists to ensure patients receive coordinated care.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine


Pediatric emergency medicine physicians provide care to children in emergency rooms and trauma centers, and work with hospital partners to establish, develop or improve pediatric emergency services based on the unique needs of the community. Our pediatric emergency clinicians collaborate with pediatric intensivists and hospitalists to support continuity of care.

Pediatric Intensive Care


Pediatric intensivists provide care for critically-ill or injured children and adolescents within pediatric intensive care units (PICUs) by providing a wide range of treatment options. These physicians are skilled in meeting the unique needs of children and adolescents, are available 24/7 and staff and manage the unit.

Pediatric Hospitalist Services


Our pediatric hospitalists care for children with a wide range of illnesses that require hospitalization. These physicians work closely with their patients’ primary physicians and provide an overview of care given as well as additional details for follow-up care upon discharge. They can also provide care in other hospital areas, including labor and delivery and the newborn nursery.

Pediatric Surgery


Pediatric surgeons provide specialized care for patients ranging from newborns to adolescents, for most conditions affecting children that require surgical intervention. These physicians often have expertise in the areas of neonatal, prenatal, trauma and pediatric oncology.

Pediatric Cardiology


Pediatrix Cardiology is our network of pediatric cardiologists, advanced practice providers, sonographers and other related clinical professionals who provide cardiac care to a broad scope of patients, including unborn babies, and neonatal and pediatric patients with congenital and acquired heart disorders. Some practices also provide specialized care to adults with congenital heart defects through scheduled office visits and hospital rounds.

Developmental Pediatrics


Developmental pediatricians, pediatricians, advanced practice providers, case managers and therapists specialized in developmental pediatrics collaborate as a team to support the needs of premature infants and children born with developmental disabilities. These clinicians often work closely with affiliated NICU practices to provide care to infants while in the NICU, as well as after discharge through scheduled office visits.

Pediatric Ophthalmology


Pediatric ophthalmologists provide care to a broad scope of patients, including newborns, children and adults experiencing eye problems or needing surgery or medical treatment for an illness affecting the eyes. These clinicians often work closely with affiliated NICU practices to provide care to infants while in the NICU through retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) screening and visual care consultative services.

Pediatric Otolaryngology


Pediatric otolaryngologists provide care to infants and children through adolescence experiencing issues with their ears, nose, throat and/or related structures of the head and neck. They also provide specialized care to adults requiring common pediatric procedures, including ear tubes, tonsillectomies and sinus surgery.

Pediatric Urology


Pediatric urologists are specially trained to diagnose, manage, treat and prevent urologic disorders in children from infancy through adolescence.

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